模块式 专用空调采用了许多新技术和新工艺,从对机 房环境空间的适应性、高效节能、经济性、降噪和 环境保护等方面赋予机房专用空调全新的概念。


Himod E series

E series is a module type air conditioner made by the company in 2005. It uses the latest development of the new technology and new process, gives the new concept of computer room air conditioning from the aspects of environmental space adaptability, high efficiency, energy saving, economy, noise reduction, and environmental protection.


  •  插拔式风机
  • 无碳刷直接驱动式
  • 电器部 分包含于风机轴箱中
  • 速度调整无需变压器
  • 高速航 空风机在任何速度下均保持高效
  • 功率可达 7 kW以上
  • 水冷冷凝器
  • 另加的 一个水冷盘管与一个干式冷凝器连接
  • 当室外 温度低于室内时可获得节能的冷量
  • Mixed DX+FC 可同时运行
  • 模块可直立或水平搬(已充气加压)
  • 所有尺 寸的模块送风方向均可现场转


o pluggable fan

o brushless direct drive type

o electrical parts inside the crankcase of fan

o speed adjustment without transformer

o no inverter for adjusting speed

o high speed air blower at any speed to maintain high efficiency

o power up to 7 kW above

o water-cooled condenser

o a water-cooled coil plus a dry type condenser connector

o When the outdoor temperature is lower than indoor, it can achieve energy saving.

o Mixed DX+FC running at the same time

o The module can be moved vertically or horizontally (pneumatic compression).

o All sizes of wind direction can be changed in the field for installation.



This chart is for reference only, the new design of components and structures for the unit will change depending on the actual situation.

此工程图仅供参考,新机型 所使用的元件及机组内部的设计会根据实际状况而有所变动。